Building and Civil Contractor

Nundun Gopee Co. Ltd is a company driven by quality of service and on-time delivery in line with budget.
We handle the design, planning, management and construction of infrastructures such as roads, facilities, buildings, utilities amongst others.


Over the years, N-G Group Ltd has acquired considerable experience in building and developing residential, commercial, and industrial and infrastructure projects across the country. We are also specialized in the fitting out of buildings as well as renovation and rehabilitation works. The company has a track record of developing projects within a specified time in a cost-effective way.

Our diligent and passionate team which consists of architects, structural engineers, landscapers amongst others has all the tools to handle projects of any scale or complexity and to exceed clients’ expectations. We insist on good communication, coordination and organization.

civil contractor


We are driven by quality of service and on-time project delivery in line with budget.

The N-G Tower project, which has been erected in the now world-renowned Cyber City of Ebene. As a matter of fact, this new construction endeavour of the firm Nundun Gopee & Co. Ltd. is situated in the prime acres of the most significant regional IT hub of this 21st century. With the architectural commitment that the Group has come to portray throughout the years, the N-G Tower yet proves itself to be ultra-modern.

Consisting of a 10-storey high stunningly beautiful tower and comprising of a unique combination of commercial and retail spaces in a meticulously designed environment, the whole concept of the building evolves around the idea of functionality mixed with comfortable fashionable living.